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It’s Here!

The anticipation has been palpable for the past six weeks. Hours and hours of riding, writing, and researching has brought me to this moment. I am proud to announce that BALM CO. is now live!

You can check us out at: http://www.balmco.com/.

BALM Co. will quickly become the web’s go to source for education, information, and in depth reviews on chamois creams, embrocation, and recovery products. In the next few weeks we will also be rolling out the web’s largest (by FAR) on-line store for these products.

Here are some things you can expect from BALM:

  • In depth reviews on chamois creams, embrocation, and recover products
  • Helpful tips and tricks
  • Race reports that illustrate how products work in intense, real world conditions
  • Interviews with industry experts and pro cyclists
  • Product reviews from athletes  like you
  • Answers to all your questions about these products

One of my favorite features of the site is “Embro in Action.” Embro in Action is part race report, part product review; BALM racers will be competing in the nation’s largest and most storied races, including the Tour of the Gila this week.

Check back each day for real-time race reports, product reviews, and interviews with pro cyclists.

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The Subtle Shift

There is a change in the air, a change in the thinking, and a change in the riding. It was subtle at first, but it is much more noticeable now. Leg warmers-over-embro shift to embro-over-skin. Balaclavas curtsy and retire, paving the way for cotton caps.

Greenery. Warmth…relative, of course. Did a bird just chirp? The snow bank wallows in its self-loathing. Like the Banbino’s 714th homerun, it asserts its authority in an insecure way. While a homerun is a homerun, without the promise of more the vicious grasp it has on our psyche crumbles.  

Cobbles and dirt come to mind; it is almost time.

Fitness reminds us that it has not left us, nor left us with a surplus. Training hours begin to tick lower; intensity begins to tick higher. Light shines on the cyclist, literally. An agreement has been made—you ride harder and I will retire later. Prove you are worth the rays.

The morning was covered in a blanket of dampness when I awoke; the scent—Spring.

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